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Terms & Conditions

General Policy

  1. The user must have to open an account with us for getting any benefit/service of the company.
  2. The user must have to fill all asked information truly.
  3. Company can use or share your private datas with legislative bodies of the Indian government in any critical situation related to you.
  4. In any case, you can file petition against us in Varanasi juridiction only.
  5. For any complaint mail us – complain@carmark.in
  6. For various offers visit our website regularly or follow us on-




Policy for servicing

  1. We are providing two types of servicing (1) Center servicing, and (2) Home Servicing
  2. In Home Servicing we will send engineers at your home for meeting incidental service of your vehicle like brake down etc. The cahrges for Home servicing is displayed on our website. For more information mail us – service@carmark.in
  3. For main service, Center servicing is single option available. In center servicing you have two options either you pick your vehicle at our service center or choose our ‘PICK & DROP’ service in which we will pick your vehicle from your home and after servicing deliver at your door. For this service, we charge extra fee 100 rupees only in the case of four wheelers.
  4. We ensure you about better service and safety for your vehicle.
  5. The displaying amount on website is including only labour cost and minor maintanance service. If we found that your vehicle neeeds some changing in its parts we will charge extra equal to the cost of changed parts. We will change any damage part after receiving your consent properly.
  6. You can complain in any default of our servicing within 48 hours of servicing.

Policy For Modification

  1. In order to modification, You will have to fill all informations truly.
  2. You can contact only to the company to know the progress of your work. We do not provide any information about our modification center.
  3. We will modify according to your desire. If you want to change your plan then you have to inform to company about your new plan/desire within 3 working days from registration for the modification. If you inform us after this period, you will have to pay some usual charges (i.e., cost of existing modification).
  4. We will modify your car and bike after full varification which may takes 24 to 72 hours. If you clutches in fraudulant, we may take legal action against you.
  5. We will take maximum delivery time is 30 days.
  6. In order to modification you have to pay at least 50% of cost as advance.

Policy for Buying and Selling 

  1. There are two modes according to which a person/organisation sale his vehicles, (1) Individual Sale, and (2) Dealer sale.
  2. In the case of individual sale, a person may post ad for selling his private vehicle. The buyers must check before purchase for any fraudulant. There is no role of carmark in selling used cars, bikes and scooters(individual sale).
  3. In second mode, We promote the vehicles of registered person/organisation as a dealer on our website. The buyer can complain with us in case of any fraudulant.
  4. We have not any role in ‘terms & conditions’ of the different dealers. We only protect from fraudulant.

Policy for purchasing modified vehicles

  1. Company modifies various vehicles itself in order to selling.
  2. The displayed prices of the modified vehicles are exact and there can no changes in such prices but company gives gifts to its customers which may be anything.
  3. You can contact any time to our executives for any query related to purchasing of modified cars, bikes and scooties or you can mail us – pmc@carmark.in or, call- +91, 9651445506
  4. EMI payment is available for this section only.