Big bikes have always been a dream for most men, especially those who love the open road and riding like there is no tomorrow. Huge two-wheelers that adorn the long open highway or the busy concrete streets of the city are a manly sight, whether it be a heavy cruiser like a Harley Davidson or a super sports bike like the BMW F800 ST.

But so you believe that there are motorbikes which are very expensive to the extent that they cost millions of the dollars? It may sound impossible for you but when you read this article, you will find that this is true and not just a claim. Here is a quick glance of at the top 5 most expensive bikes in the world.

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#5. Yamaha Roadstar BMS Chopper – $ 500,000

It is also referred to as the gold plated custom chopper. It features a unique body which is completely plated with gold and this is the main reason that makes this bike ranked as one of the most expensive motorbikes in the world.

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#4. Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike – $ 555,000

One look and you know the Dodge Tomahawk V10 is something special. Built with the monstrous 8.3 liter V10 engine of the iconic Dodge Viper, this super does not just have two wheels like other motorbikes, but it has four wheels. The top speed of this superbike is 420 miles in an hour or 675 km/h.

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#3. Ultra Rare Porcupine – $ 750,000

One of the rarest superbikes built in the 1950s; the porcupine’s body is made of aluminum alloy and is powered by a 500 cc, DOHC twine engine. More valued because of its history, the Porcupine sold after an auction at Bonham in 2011 for a very high price.

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#2. Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship – $ 1 million

It is the second most expensive bikes in our list and was designed by Jack Armstrong. This is the first million dollar bike in the world. This bike with its magnificent and breathtaking design features a six cylinder engine which is really powerful.

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#1. Ecosse Es1 Superbike – $ 3.6 Million

It is a super bike which is completely different from other motorbikes that you can find at any place and this is why it costs $ 3.6 Million to be the most expensive motorbike in the world. It was created by Richard Glover, Audy Le Fleming and Richard Tyrrell who are top engineers. Ecosse ES1 superbike is the most expensive bike in the world.

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