The electric vehicles will be the focus point and in vogue in the automotive sector of the country in near future. The auto companies are focusing on electric vehicles because they understood its future demand and success. It’s alright that electric vehicles will control the increasing level of pollution in the country but where it is beneficial there is also its some cons which will certainly affect the people.

Let’s know about Pros & Cons of E-vehicles:


  1. Pollution Free: We all suffer from smoke generated by petrol and diesel vehicles. In this situation, it is better to run electronic vehicles because by using of these there is no chance of any type of air pollution.
  2. Sound Pollution Control: We all are troubling on the road due to heavy traffic problems daily. Apart from traffic, loud sound produced by vehicles is also having a great negative impact on our health. In this, electric vehicles can solve our problem because these are powered by battery system. So, they produced very slow sound in comparison of petrol and diesel vehicles.
  3. Cost Effective: Now a days, petrol and diesel are running rapidly towards price rising. In New Delhi, the price of petrol is over Rs. 70 per liter. In this situation, electric vehicles can be a better option because they are very cost effective. An analysis says that the running cost of two wheeler is minimum 10 paise per km and Four wheeler is generally costly than it. But, E-vehicles running cost is very cheap in comparison of them. These vehicles have also no used of engine oils and lubricants. Thus, they very cost effective for its owners.
  4. Better Balancing: The battery system is setting up in the mid body part of the vehicle, so its balancing capacity is pretty good and facilitating the ride. The suspensions used in these vehicles are of a good quality which helps them in ride on the poor roads also.

Cons: –

  1. Lack of recharge points: The government is encouraging to use electric vehicles as much as possible in the country but in the comparison of this the recharging points are very less in numbers. So, in that condition, buying vehicles is easy but charging is the big problem. Hence, government should have to consider this point before by which a person can choose e-vehicles to use easily.
  2. Not Fast Charging: In the petrol and diesel vehicles, fueling is the work of only 3 to 4 minutes whether battery charging is very time consuming. At present, the fast charging vehicles are not available in the market but yeah the companies are currently working on it.
  3. Problem in Covering Large Distance: Averagely Four wheeler covers 160 km while Two wheeler covers 60 to 70 km after full charging. In this case, you have to think before starting a long distance journey.
  4. Lower Re-sale Value: The greatest problem with electronic vehicles is there lower re-sale value. And also there life of motor is not exceeding 7 to 8 years. Its battery life also drainage after overcharging.
  5. Low Power: Electric vehicles are not powerful like petrol and diesel vehicles and its top speed is also very low. Electronic two wheeler maximum speed is merely 25 kmph and some have 40 kmph. This also a week point of these vehicles, automobile companies have to consider which.

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