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How will I get the list of suitable service providers for my car in my area?

Carmark provides an exhaustive list of service providers matching your requirements basis the type of service, location, estimated pricing etc. You may browse through detailed profiles of these service providers, view pictures, reviews and ratings of other vehicle owners and a lot more. This will help you make an educated choice.

Are the service providers listed on Carmark authorised? Have they been verified by any credible source?

Not all service providers listed on Carmark are authorised by the car manufacturer. Having said that, all the service providers listed on the site are reputed and have the technical capability of handling most car related servicing requirements.

Are the ratings and reviews on the website reliable?

Absolutely. At Carmark, we value our partnership with our customers tremendously. The reviews and ratings on the website are 100% genuine as they are done by customers who have experienced our services at the respective service providers.

Why are reviews and rating important?

Certainly. Reviews are important, not just to us but for you as well. Customer reviews help us improve our services. These reviews can also help you make a wise decision when it comes to automobile servicing.

My vehicle needs a service - how does Carmark work?

It’s really simple. Follow these 3 steps and get the problem sorted: 1. Go to servicing option and fill a simple form. 2. Book- Book a service online according to your selected option. 3. Feedback- Don’t forget to review and rate us for the workshop. It will help others solve their problems as well.

Can I understand the process of booking a service online?

Search for a suitable service provider from our carefully filtered list of workshops basis your vehicle’s make/model, location, services, estimated price etc. You can log in for free and book a service with your selected provider for a suitable date. You will receive an email / SMS with your Booking ID and details for the service. Drop off your vehicle at the selected service center. You can also opt pick up and drop services for a minor fee Rs. 100 (free for bike). Your bike or car will get inspected for the services availed by you and in case it needs additional services/repairs, the service provider will intimate you over phone and take your explicit consent for further process. You may pick your vehicle at the time committed by the service provider. You will make direct payments to the service provider as per the invoice. Do rate us and the workshop on our website and keep visiting us.

Explain your full process of functioning for servicing as well as modification.

Carmark is promised about provide awesome service to its customer. First of all, you have to create an account with us (optional in the case of servicing).

Servicing-).Follow some following steps: a) We are providing a single option – center servicing. In the case of incidental servicing, home service will be avail. b) For getting serve by Carmark fill a simple form in respect to servicing of your car or bike. c) we will generate a code of registration and give you a confirmation call. d) give this registration code to our agents or at workshop and get our service.

Modification- For the modification you have to follow these steps: 1. Open an account with us if you have not. 2. Select the option of modification. 3. Fill the given form correctly. 4. Wait for our representative’s call for confirmation. After confirmation we will send you the information about our agent who will give his/her service to you representing us. 5. He will provide you full information what you want to know.

Can I book a service for my vehicle in advance?

Yes, you can book a service 15 days in advance.

What do the prices displayed on the website include?

The prices listed on the website for servicing include only labour charges i.e., they do not include spare parts cost, additional services cost etc. They also do not include any applicable taxes.

Are the prices mentioned on the website exact or approximate?

Servicing costs vary as per car/bike make, model, fuel type, transmission type and several other factors. As you can understand a standardization of service packages and pricing across service providers is not possible. These prices are purely indicative and may vary.

How do I ensure that the products and parts used for servicing and modification are genuine and of good quality?

At Carmark, we ensure that our customers get only the best. This effectively means that we only work with reliable and reputed service providers who are known for their quality. If still in doubt, do demand supporting invoices as proof for genuine spare parts.

Do I need to make any advance payments for booking a service?

Not at all. You will need to pay as per the invoice handed over to you by the service provider at the time of delivery.

Can I avail services other than those available on your website? How?

Yes. If the service you need does not reflect on the website then you can write to us at contact@carmark.in and we will ensure prompt response.

Can I edit and reschedule my bookings?

Absolutely. Carmark boasts of a very simple interface designed for your benefit. By simply clicking on the EDIT button you can make requisite changes to your request.

Can I Cancel My Bookings? How? Is there a cancellation charge?

While we would appreciate you to reschedule your appointment but we respect your decision to cancel a booking. Simply log onto your account and cancel the booking. There are no cancellation charges to be paid.

Do I need to keep any checkpoints in mind while handing over my vehicle for servicing?

As mentioned earlier, your vehicle is in safe professional hand. All you need to do is check if the service provider has the Carmark ID and job card and you are good to go.

What if I'm not satisfied with the service availed?

Carmark only deals with professional service providers but if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service please write to us at complain@carmark.in and we will ensure that your query gets resolved in the best possible way.

Why should I book through Carmark?

Carmark is a revolutionary concept to smooth-en your automobile servicing experience. Through its hassle free and customer friendly interface Carmark gives you the best vehicle servicing options. No other service offers you the exclusivity, innovative experience and freedom to choose from our carefully filtered list of service providers based on reviews and ratings. Also you can enjoy free pick up and drop service to save time. Choose from our exclusive deals and offers and walk away with the experience of a lifetime. All this and more at the click of a mouse button.

I am a service provider. How can I associate with Carmark ?

Carmark will be glad to associate with you. All you need to do is drop in your Service Center profile as well as your contact details to us at partners@carmark.in and we shall get back to you at the earliest.

Are you available in other cities as well?

We would love to reach out to every corner of the country some day. But for starters we only cater to varanasi.

Why is it important to sign up?

You can click on the log in tab on the home page of the website and fill in your details. Signing helps us identify you as an esteemed member and you can easily access and avail our benefits.