7 Quick Tips to get Maximum Mileage from Your Bike  

When someone decides a car or bike, one of the deciding factors in buying vehicles other than its price* in India is: – fuel efficiency. People still tend to incline towards fuel – efficient vehicles as petrol prices keep soaring day-to-day. But, there are certain things that can help you in saving your petrol and getting a better mileage by your bike.

  1. Maintenance and Regular Service:

It is certainly obvious that regular maintenance and servicing keeps your vehicle as Mr. Performer and ensuring a long life. Everyone should ensure about regular check-up of tyres within 10 days. Changes of lubricants after each 2000-2500 kms ride and a regular service after every 2500-3000 kms. During your maintenance, service oil change, carburetor cleaning, level of coolant oil, chain lubrication must be taken into account.

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  1. Ride at a Constant and Controlled Speed and Don’t indulge in Rash Riding:

If getting a decent mileage is your concern, ride at a constant speed of 40-55 km/h and don’t accelerate abruptly and ride rashly. Use breaks when needed rather than accelerating for fun and then braking suddenly. You need to choose between riding for fun and riding for decent mileage.

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  1. Filling Good Quality Fuel:

Sometime in the worse mileage, there is no mistakes by your bike because the fuel having third class quality. In India, there are many petrol pumps caught in indulging poor petrol selling. They sell mixture of water and petrol and other cheap liquid chemicals. So, prevent to get fill fuel from cheater petrol pumps.

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  1. Care in Traffic:

For a better mileage, avoid roads with high traffic as driving at constant slow speeds in short gear. While on a traffic light, always switch off the engine as idling is one of the basis factors where the odometer stands constant and fuel get washed.

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  1. Don’t Park Your Bike in Sunlight:

Parking your bike in sunlight will also let a small amount of fuel evaporate. Although the amount is small, parking it for 9 hours daily and 30 days a month can have an impact.

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  1. Don’t be Overloaded:

Overloading in India is like an inborn quality. You can see everywhere where people enjoy overloading whether it is a matter of human being, animals and vehicles. Seeing 4-5 people on a single bike is a common thing in India. But, this doesn’t affect mileage of your bike only but also it creates a danger zone for you and your nearest people.

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  1. Refuel in the Morning:

It is a fact that fuel when warm expands and it denser when cold. In the morning when the temperature is usually cooler it is denser and hence it is desirable to fill up in the morning or at late night rather than in the afternoon or evening. Hence it is more ‘bang for the buck’ in the morning and hence a bargain in fuel amount.

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