How to Wash a Car:

For many vehicle owners, washing a car by hand is a therapeutic act as beneficial for the person’s state of mind as the vehicles appearance. That’s is good because frequent washing is also the best way to maintain a new car finish. But, so many people have a problem of time, so they don’t mind on their car care that they can give a wash. So, we have bringing a policy for your car spa at your home also on the half market price. For know more, click here:

  1. Remove old damaged stickers from your car windshield with the simple trick! Just take a sheet of newspaper, soak it in warm water and place it over the sticker for around 15 minutes. The sticker should them lift off easily.
  2. Take following car cleaning supplies:
  • Two large bucket
  • A hose (preferably if connected to a water supply)
  • A large, soft sponge, a soft wash mitt.
  • Liquid detergent
  • Leather Polish
  • Metal Polish
  • A polishing cloth or Sponge
  • Car Wax
  • A detailing brush

Once you have all your car wash equipments, you can start to wash your car. Remember, wash your car on a wait day or pull the car into the shade neither this will cause water to dry quickly and leave you with soap spots on your car.

  1. Follow these steps for a perfect wash:-
  • Get the whole car wet to dislodge any surface-level dirt and to remove mud and grim from the wheels.
  • Next, get your sponge and give the wheels through scrubbing.
  • Now, gently scrub down the bodywork of the car with your wash mitt.
  • Use your detailing brush to get dirt out of cracks in the bodywork.
  • Polish any bare metal, but be careful not to use metal polish on non-metal surfaces and remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the product. Next, use your plastic polish to clean and polish your headlights, indicators and brake lights.
  • Apply wax on your wheels.
  • Lastly, clean the windows by glass cleaner.

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